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"This is Kurt. Gimme some lovin'."
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Feb. 22nd, 2012 05:48 pm
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Dear Livejournal,

Just when I was about to grab a stick and beat you for your comment box hitching, you get better and give me spellcheck, bolding, italicing and striking with one button click, AND THE ABILITY TO OPEN THREADS FROM A COMMENT BACK.


- Me

EDIT: Icons in the icon selector are also in alpha-order now.
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Dear current favourite fandom, why must you pwn me so much?

The Blaine to my Kurt has been bitten by an amazing verse idea and there is no way I can say no to this one. Klaine is going to be the death of me, I swear. Time to Rubik's Cube canon a little... damn creative juices, and damn my inability to be immune to enabling. I may or may not have plans to drag some of you down with my lack-of-willpower ship too >:)

Now to try and get the brain to switch off on a work night.

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You know I love you all and most of you never fail to give me endless warm and fuzzies with our characters and verses, and the love you all heap in to what you're putting out there with them (yes, even when we're dragging them through TEH DRAMAZ). But I really have to stop for a moment and give a huge shout-out to Jules aka [ profile] gotstarpower.

I know you were nervy about taking on a Glee kid, but your love Mercedes shines, girl. You have her voice, you know her canon, you know other characters' canon for her interactions with them. Your muse is wonderful and your tags loudly and proudly portray the diva marshmallow that she is. Thank you for catering to my Kurtcedes love in all the verses you have joined with him. I cannot get enough of it. You also pwn my heart with Quinncedes and Samcedes, bb, not to mention the bolt out of the blue but hilariously awesome notion of Finncedes marriage of convenience ;)

Just had to spread a little of the love for one of my favourite canon friendships ever. Even if canon has screwed them over, I still believe in my heart that Kurtcedes are inseparable behind the scenes and it's been a pleasure to interact with you and your muse ♥
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D'awwwwwwwwwwww ♥ Tinkurtcedes! :)

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I won't be moving to Dreamwidth, and I won't be migrating any of my RP journals there either. All RP comms we own here are staying here also. I actually don't like Dreamwidth much (I gave it a test run way back when Tokens Were Specialtiems, I lost interest to meander back to LJ, and cross-posting is pointless for me when one click of a link takes you to a new webpage anyway), and it feels awkward to me after being a veteran LJer for so long. Plus, I just couldn't be arsed constructing journals over there and transferring shit over, my patience would wane extremely quickly and it would never get finished anyway. Sure, the new layout here pissed me off to have it abruptly thrust upon me, but I admit now it was knee-jerk and a reaction amidst Crazy Christmas RL tiems. Me and my many RP journals have survived OMGLJISDYINGFOREVERZ hype before, I can survive it again.

The new layout is growing on me. Technological development and change is inevitable in this day and age. The icon selecting tool is great, and I know the bigger font is more user-friendly to read for some people (like our Patto) who have eye issues. LJ Juggler seems to run more smoothly and the pages load better for me *shrugs* If we just get thread expansion from certain comments and a preview button back (Chrome spellchecks for me, so I don't need that function on LJ), it's basically pretty much just the same dealio for me.

So, that's all. Sorry to the tiny few migrating who have asked me if I have DW. I don't, and won't, and 99% of my RP partners in crime are staying put too, so I could never abandon them :)

Love to you all x
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Kurt's a little bit spread out like a dog's breakfast right now, and shared between two journals, so I just thought I would make a reference post of all his currently (mostly) active verses with a brief description of who/what he is in each one. Further information on each verse can found at the games.

This is also cross-posted to his mirror journal, [ profile] justbeingaqueen. And, goes without saying, all are Klaine verses with the amazing [ profile] rockstarwarbler

I'm not a box. There are more than four sides to me... )

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Bad things always happen to my favourite muses in canon. I'm starting to get a complex LOL.

Tribute to an old voice in my head, Matt Devlin, from Law & Order UK. I'm going to have my creys now. Damn you, TV show writers. If you're not cancelling my favourite shows or marrying my boys off in stupid marriages or writing them out, you're killing them off! rage.gif. Please let me just keep having nice things with Kurt and Klaine, I beg you!

But anyways!

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Just had to share this, I thought it was really sweet!

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I just had to do a bit of a friends list cull. I promise, it was nothing personal. I just removed muses Kurt never interacts with anymore because my list was getting overrun with a huge amount of memes or OOC posts that were nudging RP scenes I was following off my list.

I only really have the time to play Kurt in his established games/verses now (whether it be on this journal or @ his adult journal [ profile] justbeingaqueen). Occasionally I'll throw him at a meme or a post at [ profile] musebyrp, but I mostly prefer to focus on continuing more in-depth plots. I don't go to any of the dressing room type comms anymore. I'm also a strictly Kurt/Blaine only shipper, and [ profile] rockstarwarbler owns my Kurt's heart. As do his other regular Glee muses... you guys know who you are :D I wish I was able to get him out more elsewhere, but alas, it would be to the detriment to a small handful of verses I just love too much to give up. I really am an old school RP'er... I like to keep going back to my metaphorical comfy old slippers and I don't have the concentration power for too many verses of one muse.

If I still interact with you or Kurt does, you're definitely still on my hit list ;)

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"You give me fever..."

[ooc: If anyone wants Kurt from a specific verse, just tag with it in the subject]


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